4th Annual Atlanta Shortsfest


October 17 - 20, 2013


The Highland Inn Ballroom Lounge

Mint Gallery


2013 Schedule:

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2012 Atlanta Shortsfest Awards

Best Film:

Thugs, The Musical!

dir. by Liam Sullivan

Best Drama Film:


dir. by Jeffrey Elmont

Best Horror Film:


dir. by Eros Romero

Best Documentary Film:

Mountains in Motion: The Canadian Rockies

dir. by Doug Urquhart

Best Thriller Film:

Give Baby a Kiss

dir. by Lou Peterson

Best Experimental Film:

Far From You

dir. by Kacie Anning

Best Animated Film:

The Game

dir. by Marcin Janiec

Best Action Film:


dir. by Matt MacDonald

Best Comedy Film:

Harry Grows Up

dir. by Mark Nickelsburg

Best Dramedy Film:

Past Due

dir. by Denise Plumb

Best Romantic Comedy Film:

The Bed Bug Thing

dir. by Courtney Cunningham

Best Short Short:

The Shark And The Can

dir. by Yoram Benz

Best Foreign Film:

Auditioning Fanny

dir. by Mia'kate Russell

Best Foreign Drama Film:


dir. by Thiago Taves Sobreiro

Best Foreign Comedy Film:

Pay First

dir. by Dave Fulton

Best Local Film:

Between Friends

dir. by Gerhardt Slawitschka

Audience Choice:

Chin Up

dir. by Michelle Walson

Best Director:

The Bunglers

dir. by Glenn Camhi


2011 Atlanta Shortsfest Awards

Best Short Film

Sudden Death!

Directed by: Adam Hall  

Best Foreign Short

Le Nid (The Nest)

Directed by: Aurélien Drach

Best Documentary Short

Challenging Impossibility

Directed by: Natabara Mark Rollosson & Sanjay Rawal

Best Romantic Comedy Short

Stupid Questions

Directed by: Jessie Kahnweiler

Best Action Short

Roshambo Apocalypse

Directed by: Samir Salem

Best Foreign Drama Short

Two Lives for Antonio Espinosa

Directed by: Rodrigo Fonseca & Caio D'Andrea

Best Local Short


Directed by: Sheldon Schiffer

Best Drama Short

What You Need

Directed by: Nickolas Duarte

Best Dramedy Short

The Getaway

Directed by: Ellen Novack

Best Comedy Short

Good News, Oklahoma!

Directed by: Doug Hannah

Best Animated Short


Directed by: Yoram Benz

Best Animated Comedy Short

Premie Petey in Extreme Makeovary

Directed by: Dean Packis


2010 Atlanta Shortsfest Awards

Best Short Film

Sunday Punch

Directed by Dennis Hauck

Best Documentary Short:

Bob Seger Rocks

Directed by: Timothy Tamisiea

Best Romantic Short

Last Rain

Directed by Tony Lopez

Best Dark Comedy Short


Directed by Charles LaVoy and Owen Hornstein III

Best Animated Documentary Short

Prayers for Peace

Directed by: Dustin Grella

Best Drama Short

Abandon ME

Sayer Frey

Best Foreign Drama Short


Directed by Vojtech Dudek

Best Horror Short

Zombies and Cigarettes

Directed by Rafael Martinez and Inaki San Roman

Best Thriller Short

Her Time

Directed by: Eugene Efuni

Best Comedy Short


Directed by Iman Zawahry

Best Experimental Animated Short

DemiUrge Emesis

Directed by Voltaire

Best Short Short


Directed by Yvonne Grzenkowicz

Best Animated Short

Rinky Dink

Directed by John R. Dilworth

Best Local Short


Directed by Jason Hawkins

Best Action Short

Kill Your Television

Directed by Andrew Michell


2013 Atlanta Shortsfest Awards

Best Film:

Morfar och jag och helikoptern till himlen

(Grandpa and Me and a Helicopter to Heaven)

dir. by Johan Palmgren, Åsa Blanck

Best Drama Film:

The Secret Keeper

dir. by Bears Fonte

Best Horror Film:

The Drain

dir. by Collin Blair (I)

Best Documentary Film:


dir. by Alejandro Enmanuel Alonso Estrella, Esther de Rothschild, Rosanna Mendez Gonzalez, Laura Costa Cantal

Best Thriller Film:


dir. by Karim Quaret

Best Experimental Film:

The Road Led Here

Jennifer Hardacker

Best Animated Film:

Pepe & Lucas

dir. by Wim Bien, Mo Davoudian

Best Action Film:

One Safe

dir. by Gaetano Naccarato

Best Comedy Film:

The Wound

dir. by Jack McWilliams

Best Dramedy Film:

Milk & All the Wrong Things

dir. by Van Ditthavong

Best Sci-Fi Film:


dir. by Geoff O'Rourke

Best Romantic Comedy Film:

Seventeen Hours In

dir. by Ivo Raza

Best Short Short:


dir. by Matthew Riggieri

Best Foreign Film:


dir. by Diego Modino

Best Local Film:

My Good Fortune

dir. by David Silverman

Best Director:


dir. by Roberto Carmona